Break The Dawn

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Welcome to my Youtube panel!
Let's start, In Youtube I usually make Star Stable Online (SSO) music videos, MEP's and my own SSO series 'The Legend of Mary' (TLoM).

I've started my "life" in Youtube in year 2006 but in the "real" video making I started in year 2009, I started with Windows Movie maker and in year 2012 I changed to Sony Vegas Pro 11.0 and in these days I make videos with that. My videos I record with Fraps version 3.5.99 and I have full version of it, so I'm able to film longer clips. 

I also have 2 (well... 3) other channels, the other one (xSartern) is my own "gameplay" and "random" stuff channel where I usually put gameplays (for this far they're all in finnish...) and I also have common channel with my girlfriend (Rizen) where we keep vlog videos (mostly finnish also...). I also have one "extra" channel that I haven't used in many years, in that channel I have my old animation videos and other stuff that i've been doing before sso, but that's secret... if you wanna know, you gotta find it first.

But I think that's all for now about my Youtube life.

Sartern | xSartern | Rizen